Not able to tag different user login to save user profile's data

Hi, good day to you all.
Recently I'm trying to develop an app about IT support, and the only part that I'm stuck with now is the user profile info saving activities.
Below is the user profile page design:

For the login n register blocks, i followed the examples from METRIC RAT AI2 - Registration & Login with Firebase Authentication
As for profile page blocks, i use as below;

Meanwhile the "initializeData" blocks i got put under "when.Screen1.initialize" blocks.

The info that I tried to save was successful, can be written into Firebase database but the info will still display even I register another user account. It doesn't appear empty for the new user account.
I know it is wrong somewhere, and I have searched everywhere but seems can't find any way to make it happen.
It will much appreciated if anyone can guide me through this because I can't think of any other ideas already. :pray: :pray: :pray:
Thank you very much.

please show us all of your blocks first but I think start value have a problem

@Arman sure, here you go, and are you able to view it all?
If not I can make it into separate chunks for you.

do you have another screen? I don't see a start value

It may also help to show your firebase data structure in the firebase console

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Actually I was trying to follow the blocks that @TIMAI2 showed in his previous post Need help with creating multiple login profiles with firebase - #17 by TIMAI2
So you're saying I'm missing a start value here? And how I can do that?

@TIMAI2 are you saying this one?

can you send blocks (if you have another screen)? start value is characterized in another screen that opens your screen and if you answer (do you have another screen?) I can help you easier

@Arman FYI I only have one screen, and all the pages I make it from arrangements actually.

problem is here
start value is incorrect block for displaying info

I think you want to save uploaded info in user device but start value is incorrect block, you need Tiny DB if you dont know what is Tiny DB view here

I cannot put this blocks like this? it must be directly under "when.screen1.initialize" blocks?

no, problem is (start value block)

if you send me your project aia (if its private, send it in private chat to me) I can replace your blocks and send the solved aia or you can fix it alone.

is it I need to put it like this?

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no you need to edit your project completely and add a Tiny DB component, you need to send your project aia, I will solve it if you send it, you can trust me

but please send it in private chat (if you want to send it) because firebase information is private

sure but it seems I can't private chat to you as your profile is hidden.

Oh I forget :sweat_smile:

Now OK?