Not able to see my apps

I made many apps but after some days they are not visible. They were visible some days ago but now they are not visible on any of my devices it means there is a problem with the account.

Please elaborate, as it is difficult to say anything until you explain properly

Which server did you use?

She is using the default server (

@Khushi Has your Google account address changed?

Could you send me a private message with the google account you are using?

There are a few more of our classmates who are encountering the same problem but they were able to recover projects, not all though. We have even asked them to check the trash but no change.

Missing projects are almost always due to a change in the Google account address. We don't actually delete projects, so if we can determine the old Google account, I should be able to transfer the projects.

Sorry, but none of us have changed our accounts and most of them have been using the Gmail ID provide by the school and not all of them have the same problem. It's only some of those who have their projects disappeared. Could it be a problem with Account or the Website itself, like some bug or something?

Could you please send me a private message with the Google IDs that are having problems and the names of some of the missing projects? I will at least take a look.

Well, I don't have info on that but I will tell you most likely by Friday because that's when we will have the next Computer Class. I have also messaged all of them, yet it might take a while.

I don’t know about gmail I’d but I had changed the password.

Changing passwords doesn't affect the Account. Even I change my password frequently.

Agreed. Changing the password shouldn't cause any trouble.