Not Able to Publish my App in App Inventor Gallery

hey there ....
I am not able to upload my app to APP INVENTOR GALLERY as it shows me a dialog of " Error Sending project to Gallery "

Edit : This problem persists only in this specific app while all others are working good

Please help me ...

Screenshot -

Does your app have a lot of assets or does it contain extensions? Would you be willing to post it here for analysis?

Yes , it do contain extension . As I am new to this software , I don't know how to post it here for analysis ....

Can anyone Kindly please tell me how to post my app for analysis ?

You cannot publish a project with extension to gallery.

Is that true for the new Gallery?
I haven't tried it.

Without extension my app won't work . What to do ?

@Vijay_Shakthi you might want to present your app in the category #app-showcase



thanks i will try it out

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but , how to share my app in that showcase section

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In community click on "New Topic" select cateogory to "App Showcase" then upload the aia or apk.
You can also add screenshots and videos.


Do not upload an APK. You can provide an indirect link to it, e.g. on Google Drive

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Currently, yes, but we are working on a mechanism to whitelist trusted extensions (e.g., the BLE extension) so that we can allow for some projects containing extensions in the future.

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