Not able to make the api readable

I was trying to extract the data from api but instead of getting readable texts. I am getting texts with html tags like

Please help me to make the api readable without any html tags.

I am attaching some screenshot regarding the same.

What content are you expecting?
You can goto this api url in PC browser, and what you get?

Actually this is a chatbot which I have put in server so I just want to get the reply of my answer in readable form but it is showing in html tags.

then you should change the code from server side.

but when i am opening the webpage on pc it is showing normal text only in mit app inventor it is having html tags

because the browser recognize it as html.

as previously said, remove the html tag from server side

Put it in a label instead of a textbox and set

not solving the purpose

Show the result in a label and with the HTMLformat set please.

It worked. Tysm.

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