Noone project compile now - apksigner execution failed

Hi, I am finished a big project, when I need to compile in .apk or .aab it trow a very known error. I think is because my project or maybe my new PC.

But hours without answer, I open my old projects in boot PCs (one with Avast and other without antivirus).

Noone project compile, even an simple example that I made with only a button, label and textbox. Some old projects was compiled in my old PC months ago, now nothing compile.

Info: Windows 10, Chrome, no more tabs in browser.


And that error is?

How big?

YAIL and something more, but the current project isn't the issue, while a simple project or my old projects dont compile I cant find issues (if exists) in he current u.u

What can be the causes to make noone project compile?

well, what about providing the complete error message?
probably it is DX execution failed? this is a nice guessing game... (sarcasm)
also you can do a search for that error message in the community and you will find a lot of threads...


This is the error message, it appear in all the try of compile, in differente projects, even in ones that I download as examples to test, I am searching in the forum, this error is cvery known, but in mi case it apply to all projects, so isnt the project, is mi PC (boot) or something in the web.

I can share my project to a super user in private if he/she wanna look

there are 11 threads about apksigner execution failed...
please check

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Ok, solved, is because the keystore, I change it thinking it only affects one project and being free, but appinventor has some rules on it, I write this here for future users:

Delete the keystore, will create one new accord to rules, and you can export. but you can download the keystore to save it with your project exported in .aia, is important.

Thanks all for show me the correct threads in forum.

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