Noob iOS Companion questions

I understand we can not 'compile' any of our apps for iPhones yet.. (nor make them available in the App Store)..

I havent played with MIT App Inventor for years.. (but still have a few projects saved).. I read that iOS companion was available.. and came to see what it was all about.

I downloaded App Inventor from app store to my phone.. and all I can do with it is.. nothing. I can either scan a QR code.. or enter in a 6 digit code. Thats it.

Thats it? is that really all you can do? (am I missing something? did something wrong?)

  • I thought you could still develop? and save your projects? (is that not true?)

  • can you save previously scanned QR codes or previously entered in 6-digit codes?

I hate having to go to m PC, log into App Inventor.. and find/write down the 6digit codes.. so I can test or play with them on my iPhone.

Also.. since I created these apps long ago.. is there a reason why my old Android bluetooth app doesnt work for iPhone?


Hello Dugan,

Welcome back to App Inventor. In a nutshell of what is happening in those few years:

  • a lot of new components added.

  • you can test your app with the MIT App Inventor (iOS Companion), just the same as how you test your app on an Android phone, under the following circumstances.

    • your app does not have any extensions.

    • your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same WiFi connection as your computer.

  • currently the iOS companion does not have all components or blocks added. To see the MIT's progress, please read

  • currently you cannot build or install your app on your phone.

The website is for you to make apps, and the iOS app is for you to test apps.

  1. On your computer, go to OR

  2. Open your project.

  3. Select Connect > AI Companion.

  4. On your iPhone or iPad, click 'scan QR code' in the MIT App Inventor app.

  5. Scan the displayed QR code.

  6. Wait for a few seconds to load. That's it!


Umm so? thats what android companion has too? have you ever used a companion? you just need to generate code or qr from your app inventor builder opened on your device.


Maybe thats my fail point here then? "Companion"?

In the past.. I opened up Inventor in my browser on my PC.. created what I wanted.. and got the file and loaded it on my old Android phone for testing. (some Bluetooth app i made that sent info to an Arduino to control an RGB lamp).. and one that accessed your contacts list, and sent a Google map link based on your GPS coords ("Hey, I'm right here" app) :slight_smile:


Thank you.. so basically there is no way to save/store any of these old apps in yuor iOS companion to 'reload' later on? you need t scan/enter code each time? (bummer) I understand it if for testing real-time currently.. I just hate that it doesnt at least save/let you reselect ones that have been run/loaded before..

Also... going to: website or I can develop my apps using any device I want..correct? PC, Android, iPhone..etc

Yes, but it is not recommended to use a phone or tablet, e.g. iPhone or iPad, to program your apps.

Your computer should go to or website and

Your iPhone, Android device or tablet should go to the MIT App Inventor (iOS) or the MIT AI2 Companion (Android) app.

Thank you.

I have developed my apps on my PC.. but I was asking/clarifying. (I -can- load that url in my browser on my phone and developer/work on any project still)

As mentioned, I have already loaded projects/app on my iPhone using the companion app. and I again asked/looking for clarification that you can not save any previously loaded/tested apps.. you have to enter in 6-digiti code (or scan QR code) EACH TIME to run/test it? (which doesnt look like its possible to do)

Yes I think, unfortunately.

No you cannot. After you exited the companion, you will have to run the steps again.


To work on phone you have to go to (the same website for laptop and desktop) The companion only lets you test your apps without downloading the apk file of your app.

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