Non-visible components icon remove in phone bottom

i am making a new builder

I need help I remove the Non-visible components icon in the phone mockup bottom
but I did not find the Non-visible components icon java file
please help me how to remove the Non-visible components icon

Look in the component panel, on the right. There you can select and delete

no, I am making a new builder I do not delete components
I remove the icon on the phone button

like in kodul....

Hmmm, I am also removing it, Will tell u when I succeed

The file you're looking for is in the appengine client package.

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thanks you reply

how to remove a SimpleNonVisibleComponents icon in this code
any line any code

In case you want to remove the SimpleNonVisibleComponentsPanel, so you could try to remove this line:.

To ensure that the SimpleNonVisibleComponentsPanel isn't attached to the components panel, resulting it to be non visible.


ok thanks solve it


Is it solved now ? as I tried and it is no longer visible in my local appinventor

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