Non riesco a memorizzare il valore che viene passato

Hello everyone,
in practice after I have passed a value of a label from the "Maintenance" screen to a label found in the "Consumption" screen; I would like to save it so that it can be loaded every time I access the "Consumption" screen..but there is something wrong!!!

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mmm, you are storing it in the first screen and also passing it, why? If you store it in tinyDb it is not necessary to pass it

and in the second screen you are storing (again?) the received is not has already it in tinyDB:

To store in tinyDB allows you to get the data in the different screens.

Besides fixing that, what is the problem you have?


You're absolutely right, it means that when I decided to make this request on the community, I was drunk... the strange thing is that I don't like wine :upside_down_face: