Non-empty AppPackage resulting in block errors, App Inventor offline

Hi there,
I´m finding an issue with one of my projects. I did some search through the repository and found some stuff that looks alike, but could not figure out what is wrong. I discovered where the problems lies almost by accident:

  • if my AppPackage is NOT empty, other blocks start to fail, reporting things like:

Cannot find the component: WelcomeScreen
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

  • I re-installed the offline AI, re-created the full project again, in case something got corrupt, and the symptoms remain.

  • I just noticed that if I set SplashScreenImage to something different from empty I have the same behavior.

I´m working with offline AI, versions used:
Built: May 1 2023 Version: 4.8.2
Use Companion: 2.66 or 2.66u
Android minSdkVersion: 19
Target Android SDK: 31 (Android 12.0)

TaifunTM extension is the only one used.

You can find the project at

Thank you!

Then you should ask the provider of the offline version for help...
This community is about MIT App Inventor online