Non-adjustable video player

I'm looking for a video player that can only be started with a command, that is, it cannot be stopped from spinning

For what purpose? And what does that mean "it cannot be stopped from spinning"?

So the device has to be turned off or the battery has to be removed to stop the video? :woman_shrugging: :wink:

no. I want to play an indro but i dont want the user can stop is or anything. So when the screen start the video start and when its end the app will open another screen where is the app. so i want for a loading screen

It reminds me of commercials on YouTube that you can't push away. How I loathe that...

it not gone be a commercials. its just a loading screen. but anyways can you tell me a componens or smg please

How to autostart a video


sorry tafun but i think you dont understant what i want. I want a video player what play my video but the user cant stop it (ruined my intro)