No sound or vibration from the Touch The Bee training app

The training app from MIT app inventor called Touch The Bee does not produce any sound on the phone with the app installed or on an emulator. The MIT app has been given permission to do music and audio on the phone. I have tried on two separate computer (Windows 11 and Windows 7) with the same result. Touching the Bee on the phone app produces a brief flash but nothing else. Selecting the MP3 bee sound in the MIT app inventor plays with the correct buzz. The phone is a Samsung S22 running Android 14. What could be wrong?
This is the project: Hour of Code
If I run the emulator I get a click sound when clicking the bee but that is all. I have installed Android Studio on the computer but this made no difference.

No link or example aia project that demonstrates the issue ?

[EDIT - found it set it up and tested, no issues here]

@TIMAI2 can you share the aia or link? I have exactly Samsung S22 with Android 14.

Hello Kodi

It works fine also for me.

I have noticed that the emulator does not show any volume control slider when the volume icons are clicked. Could this be an indication of a problem and if so what is the fix?

this, according to you, is also an issue. It is quite possible that "the emulator" sound is not enabled or possible.

Is there some way to check that emulator sound is enabled and to fix it if it is not enabled? I have given it permission on the phone app (which is also silent) but see no way of doing this on the emulator.

I have found that the sound_test app from the Gallery does work OK with the phone and emulator (but volume is very low in the emulator and there is still no volume slider). The viewer pane in the sound_test app has two boxes at the top showing phone size and android version. These boxes are nor present in the Hour of Code app. Where do these boxes come from?

I have found the reason for the lack of sound. I was being stupid! I had simply failed to connect the two blocks in th program together.

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