No Result from ActivityStarter.AfterActivity Email

After successfully sending an Email via ActivityStarter, AfterActivity is not triggered. How can the App detect successful transmission of an email?

Reading this page may solve your problem
& show here


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That was a lot of good reading, learned a few things. It mentioned obtaining return/results from non-AppInventor apps but not specifics. The Google docs for Android were the same.
Trying different code blocks yielded the same results, whether the email was sent or cancelled. AfterActivity was never activated. ActivityCancelled yielded the same result as displaying the Activity Status. Is it possible to actually receive an AfterActivity status from Android for mailto?


Result Name:
Result Uri:
Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Activity Package:
Activity Class:
Result Type:
Extras: [[“android.intent.extgra.EMAIL","”],
[android.intent.extra.SUBJECT",“Water Order”]’
[“Android.intent.extra.TEXT”,“Please deliver water”]]
Extra Value:
Extra Key:

this depends on the app or activity you are calling...
this is not under control of your app...

Thank you. I will assume it does not work the way hoped for.