No reaction from texting

Is there any reason that I should get ZERO response except the notification that says

Within the app I have sent these messages countless time, since getting a new phone that upgraded android 9 to 12, it now does nothing... not even an error msg. Is there something in android 12?? What should I be looking for....
thanks folks...

Did you

  • set ReceivingEnabled to 2 or 3??? If set to 1 (OFF) no messages will be received. If set to 2 (FOREGROUND) or 3 (ALWAYS) the component will respond to messages if it is running. In the case of 2 (FOREGROUND), messages received while the app is not running are discarded. In the case of 3 (ALWAYS), messages receive while the app is not running will show a notification. Selecting the notification will bring up the app and signal the MessageReceived event. Messages received when the app is dormant will be queued, and so several MessageReceived events might appear when the app awakens. As an app developer, it would be a good idea to give your users control over this property, so they can make their phones ignore text messages when your app is installed.

  • use the latest Companion 2.66 ?

  • check the contents of your device's messaging app?

  • does Bolly want to reply to you?

Hello Charley

The phone number can have dashes dots and parentheses but no spaces allowed. Are you expecting a return message? If so, set 'ReceivingEnabled'.

Also, you seem to have everything stored under one tag in TinyDb? A List, so 'valueIfTagNotThere' should be 'create empty list'.

Hey Steve, Chris, thanks for responding.
Having valueIfNotThere...d'oh!! of course that should be a list. The values are saved prior as a list but I will double check all that.
Bolly may send back, it's an app between any one who is sharing the data to keep all updated, still just a grocery list, menu planner, but between at least two family members anyway.
I have the latest companion, 2.66, I have checked and rechecked anything that might be jamming it in the messaging app, it's the one that comes with android, seems nothing awry there. What should one be looking for in there?
That data coming out is whatever that came from the contacts list off the device. Should I try to reformat that? Sometimes it attaches a "+1" in the front, As I use an English UK dictionary, It seems to think I am in the UK.

I will double check everything, reset the valuIfNotThere values and see what I can do.
Thanks again, chaps

After spending some time going back over everything, I see not what's preventing an event.
For now, I will use Share until I can figure this out.

Thanks guys

Perhaps as @ChrisWard mentioned

and it appears you may have spaces

So I should be editing out spaces, parenthesis etc.

After compilation and running on my phone, I ht Share and get a msg
"IO Error: unable to create GvHelper"


See Evan's response

As mentioned in the documentation Texting

To specify the phone number (e.g., 650-555-1212), set the PhoneNumber property to a Text string with the specified digits (e.g., 6505551212). Dashes, dots, and parentheses may be included (e.g., (650)-555-1212) but will be ignored; spaces may not be included.


Been through, changed this and that, and still no texting.
What beffuddles me is that it did at one point work.... and I have not changed anything that has at least not been changed back.
I shall "share" for now and play with it and wait for literature...

Sorry for all the bother, and fingers crossed I haven't done something silly... :rofl: