No puedo conectar mi bluetootha mi android

me dice en veces que no esta conectado, que revise conexion, y la pak que realice no me marca errores, que debo hacer?

y este codigo es que tengo para un brazo robotico
#include <SoftwareSerial.h> //libreria de TX Rx Seriak para bletooth
#include <Servo.h> //libreria para motores:

int bluetoothTx=0;//bluetooth Tx al pin 0
int bluetoothRx=1; // bluetooth Rx al pin 1

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(bluetoothTx, bluetoothRx);

Servo ser_hor, ser_ver, ser_alt; //crear los objetos para los servos horizontal y vertical
int servopos_hor = 90; // posicion inicial del servo horizontal
int servopos_ver = 90; // posicion inicial del servo vertical
int servopos_alt = 90; //posicion inicial del servo altura
void setup() {
ser_hor.attach(3); //servo horizontal conectado al pin 3
ser_ver.attach(11); // servo vertical conectado al pin 11
ser_alt.attach(4); // servo vertical conectado al pin 11

void loop () {
if (bluetooth.available()>=2)
unsigned int;
unsigned int;
unsigned int realservo=(servopos1*256)+servopos;

if (realservo>= 1000 && realservo<1180){
int servo1=realservo;
Serial.println("ser_hor on");
delay (10);

if (realservo>= 2000 && realservo<2180){
int servo2=realservo;
Serial.println("ser_ver on");
delay (10);
if (realservo>= 3000 && realservo<3180){
int servo3=realservo;
Serial.println("ser_alt on");
delay (10);

Dear @sorto,
first of all I would ask you if I can convert this topic to public, because this will make more visible your question and will lead to a greater possibility to be solved fastly.
Having said that, the first thing that I see is that you use pins 0,1 for the BT comm's on your Arduino board. This is wrong, because the pins 0,1 are used for the Serial Monitor (that I see you use in your code) therefore there is a conflict between the UART connection toward the Serial Monitor and the SoftwareSerial library. Depending on which Arduino board are you using you'd better relocate the SoftwareSerial pins to 8,9 or 10,11.
Whether you use a Mega board, you can consider to use the Serial1 line (pins 2,3) which is a true HW serial line and therefore to avoid the use of the SoftwareSerial library which has erratic behaviour for baudrate higher than 38400 (to move a robot it's much better to have a higher baudrate, like 115200). Please remember that with a Mega Serial0 (pins 0,1) is dedicated to the Serial Monitor.
Moreover, you can get a great benefit if you take a look to the @Juan_Antonio web site:
You'll find there an "infinite" source of information about the use of AI2 with Arduino.
But, as a first step, move the SoftwareSerial to other pins (with PWM capability).
Ciao !