No phone call While Driving

Is there a way, or better yet, a tutorial on how to do a No Phone Call While Driving, like No Texting While Driving?
They call more than they send sms.

Did you try replicating No Text While Driving by replacing texting blocks with phone call blocks ?

I think doing this using Phone component is not possible using Blocks.

  • PhoneCall
  • Texting
    How the Texting blocks work
    When the phone receives a text message, the Texting1.MessageReceived event is
    triggered. The phone number of the sender is in the argument number, and the
    message received is in the argument messageText.
    As the auto-response text should be sent back to the
    sender, Texting. PhoneNumber is set to number. Texting.Message is set
    to ResponseLabel.Text, which is what you typed while in the Designer: “I’m driving
    right now, I’ll contact you shortly.” When these are set, the app calls
    Texting.SendMessage to actually send the response.

What makes the No Texting While Driving work is the Texting.SendMessasge Block. The Phone component does not an equivalent SendRecordedMessage Block.

But as TIm has posted, you could try. Perhaps you can block specific numbers or only allow certain numbers to complete a call. I don't think so but let us know what you discover.