No me genera el apk para el ordenador - AAPT execution failed


Que ya la publique no me genera el APK para la Computadora
Larga error adjunto imagen
Quien me Ayuda!!

Did you search ?

If you are not able to solve you can attach the aia file

you can get it from the gallery link provided by the OP....

Why it won't work on your end is because of you have spaces in your app name..

How to fix this? Save project as, and name it without spaces..


P.S. Or download from gallery as it works just fine from there..


Yesterday I wrote about it in a private message. And today you ask that.

always answer in the community, so others can learn, too...

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Okay sí entiendo Cuando hablan de espacios en el título yo lo Estaba cambiando o modificando en la parte cuando lo publicaba pero no como proyecto guardar Ahí es donde me doy cuenta que está el error entonces gracias

Aparte de trate de entender que con ustedes mencionan un error de manera sintética Qué dice hay espacio en el título tenés que modificar Bueno se entiende esa parte pero si hay más de una forma de modificarla la palabra Entonces dónde deben explicarse mejor

Yes, but yesterday he sent me a link in a private message to his other application which also had spaces. And I explained to him. And today he asked in the general forum;).

Generally, the bug must be in the gallery that almost allows the application name to be saved with spaces. Then someone downloads such an application to app inventor and has a problem. In my opinion, when downloading the project to app inventor, spaces should be automatically converted to "_". Or the second solution, also prohibit spaces in the gallery. This is suitable for reporting as a bug.

therefore next time you might want to send this by PM

Hi and thanks for asking for help with App Inventor.

Please ask directly in the App Inventor support community instead of sending me personal email.
That way other people can contribute to responding, and other people in the forum can benefit from the discussion.

something to look at for @ewpatton


I am also surprised by certain solutions. For example, when downloading a file to application resources, spaces are removed automatically. When adding component names, spaces are replaced with "_". However, when we add the aia project to app inventor, this mochanism is no longer there and only the error is displayed.

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