No idea for block usage (for each number )

I know this is a really silly question, but I wonder what this block does. I seen people use it, but still dunno what it means. This is the block:
blocks (32)
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!

This is a loop block. I think if you need it, you will definitely reach for it.

It is used to iterate over a list, for example. Or to do something n times.

for each number from to

Runs the blocks in the do section for each numeric value in the range starting from from and ending at to, incrementing number by the value of by each time. Use the given variable name, number, to refer to the current value. You can change the name number to something else if you wish.

described in MIT App Inventor Control Blocks

Also see Figure 20-6 in for an example.

Sometimes you might have parallel lists, where item n in one list is connected to item n in another list.

When you want to traverse both lists in sync, you need to keep track of the current shared index, n.

I'm so sorry for this delay, but thank you all!!

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