No funciona app inventor en apple

El código QR para ver si funciona el proyecto en el móvil iOs no funciona. Esto no permite a muchos alumnos trabajar.

The iOS device and the computer running the App Inventor project editor need to be on the same network. Since it sounds like you're using it in a school environment, you may need to speak with your school IT to ensure that the computer and iOS device can talk to one another on port 8001.

Excuse me the problems persist with same conection wifi, I am currently working with app inventor and when i try to scan the qr code dosent connect properly and only loads to 90%. Is there any alternatives to connect my proyects to my iPhone?

If you open your browser dev tools there is likely an error there that can help debug the issue. We are not seeing any errors at MIT where we have an open network so it likely points to a network configuration issue.

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