No es posible generar .apk y descargarlo mediante QR en MIT AI2 Companion

No es posible descargar las aplicaciones mediante QR MIT AI2 Companion. Quisiera saber si es problema del servido. Gracias.

At the moment, the build server is working normally Daniel.

What happens when you use the QR code with your app?

When i select build, after do the app, i select: App (provide QR code for.apk). After doing this the code QR does not appear for download application. Also, i selected App (save .apk to my computer), but it took too long for download.

OK. Thanks … several possibilities

  • something may be wrong with your Project. Load and compile a different project (hopefully a simple app). See what happens. If the other project does not compile the issue may be your Internet connection may be slower than normal.

I just compiled a large Project, no issues.

The same is happening to me too. Have this problem been solved? Is it necessary to reinstall the QR MIT reader?

Exactly what is the same? What exactly do you do and then what happens? Do you get an error message or what?

The build server is working normally at the moment. The QR code is working fine.

The problem you are experiencing might be with your Project (load and build the apk for a different Project. What happens? Alternatively, download your aia to your PC and then load the aia into the server. Compile it. Do you get a different result?

Ya lo han podido solucionar? estoy justo ese problema, no me deja descargar la aplicacion.

en mi proyecto que realice y es un proyecto grande, al querer generar el apk me sale un aviso en color rojo: Error del servidor: no se ha podido realizar la compilación. ¡Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo más tarde!
lo eh estado realizando a cada rato pero no cambia sigue igual, que puedo hacer?

How large is your aia? If your project is over 30mb then it will not build on the ai2 main server. Try exporting your aia and loading to the code server which can handle 50mb.

Otherwise, you may need to load assets after compiling



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If your aia > ~30 MB, there are two options:

  1. How to build a big app → APK max. 100 MB or → AAB 150 MB as mentioned by @TIMAI2

  2. Use an offline version of AI2: AI2Offline - Browse Files at
    (But with this version the packageName is changed from "appinventor.ai_<email>.appName" to "com.<email>.appName".)