No Documentation on exactly which HTML tags are accepted in a LABEL

APP INVENTOR needs to explicitly list the HTML it can understand. PLEASE !

Amongst the HTML useable by a LABEL :–
^font color="#FF0000^ and ^br^ works at least (Using br to replace a comma in csv text)

But we simply MUST be able to change the font size – surely? ( other than BIG and SMALL )
And be able to indent. and the font itself.

It appears to not understand ^table^ and its associated html – amongst MANY other html tags.

(Had to replace all “grtr than” and “less than” with ^)

One of the Notifier blocks has some documentation on the little bit of html the Label can understand.

Why not use the webViewer with inline html?


Why not start a topic that lists all the html tags that work in AI2 ?

It would be nice to see an HTML supported list in the Help.

Let’s not forget that the WebView component can do a lot more…

Feel free.

but to exhibit html from the AP into a WebViewer I
" have to upload the library jquery-1.8.0.min.js into the assets of your project" and
do a “appendTo(“body”);” in the js :frowning:

only for that particular example that requires the jquery library. Most plain javascript is handled by the webviewer natively, and only plain javascript is needed to run the webviewstring, as shown in the first example.

The webviewer remains blank !

Of course its looking for a URL not html . Need to put contents of WebViewString in an exisitng, empty WebPage’s BODY.

WebViewer_fed_HTML_from_Textt.aia (2.0 KB)

The trick is in the first piece of text in that JOIN.
(I got this from one of @TimAI2’s samples)

WebViewer_fed_HTML_from_Textt (1).aia (2.0 KB) 3dcf527e43a7b5d2e7c69851592a0855a2a07ddf_2_690x444
The first (unmarked) button1 . Click png is draggable into your Blocks Editor.

Thanks – I thot I had tried that but not only did I not see the comma – I thot the colon was a period in data:text/html,

From Mariner 1 - Wikipedia
In other accounts, the bug consisted of:

  • a period typed in place of a comma, causing a FORTRAN DO loop statement to be misinterpreted (although there is no evidence that FORTRAN was used in the mission), of the form "DO 5 K=1. 3" interpreted as assignment "DO5K = 1.3".[15] There are anecdotal reports that there was, in fact, such a bug in a NASA orbit computation program at about this time, but it was a program for Project Mercury, not Mariner, and the claim was that the bug was noticed and fixed before any serious consequences resulted.[16]
  • a missing comma [17]
  • an extraneous semicolon [18]