No devices found during BLE scan

I’m following this tutorial to have my Android phone [Oreo 8.0.0] scan for nearby BLE devices, however, when I click on Scan as said in the tutorial, no devices are shown in the ListView.
I have followed everything, and I have a bluetooth headset nearby which does show up in the Android Bluetooth menu, but not in the AI2 app.
What am I doing wrong or missing?

P.S. I have installed the BLE extension in my Windows machine, and have also tried using the app on a phone running Android 10, but to no avail.

SOLUTION :: EDIT: Android 8 onwards, Bluetooth has been moved under Location services. So in order to scan BLE devices, you need to enable both Bluetooth and Location. It would be great if the aforementioned tutorial adds this line to avoid others from facing this issue.


What version of the BLE extension are you showing if you click the ? next to the entry in the palette? Versions 20181124 and higher should automatically ask for Location permission when you attempt to scan on Android 6.0 and higher.

From where can I get the new BLE extension.

I want to see the RSSI strength near Bluetooth devices.

Please see the announcement here:

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