No bluetooth detected

Hey, if someone can help me, i am making an application for a house alarm intended to be connected to an HC06. But in my picklist no bluetooth device appears. The problem certainly comes from my program. (I tried to work with the BLE extension)

My project below:

Projet_Solo_2.aia (561.0 KB)

HC06 is a bluetooth 2.0 module so it will not work with the BLE extension. You must use the BluetoothClassic component. If you are testing this on android 12+ you need to ask for permissions when launching the app.


thank you so much ! that works !

This doesn't work as many Android versions are NOT numbers (Android 5.0.x, Android 7.0.x etc.

See also here:

For example:

Right. With this they can come up with even version, it will work...

Yes, but this only works because the orientation platform version (11) is a number in this case. So this method doesn't work if you want to request (for example) storage permissions for the ASD for devices with API < 19 (< Android 4.4). Or API 14 (Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2).

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