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In my app, "Find Me" which I published regularly on the play store, everything worked now I get this error: "no address available" and I can't find the address anymore.
Did I do something wrong? these are the affected blocks and I place the .aia file there which could be useful to others:

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Thanks for the reply, but the address that is not detected is always the same, where I work, in fact I am always in the same position where a few days ago and for months the same address was detected, now not anymore.

Just try again.

Your gps doesn't know exactly where it is located. Read about the Accuracy problem Using the Location Sensor.

When specific coordinates are returned, Google's database is queried. If the coordinates returned are outside by a small amount (perhaps 0.00001 degree ) the parameters Google uses to determine your CurrentAddress, you may get a No address available or a see a 'wrong address' displayed or if you check for the CurrentAddress before your device achieves a satellite fix.

Perhaps this tutorial will explain HOW TO: Parse a LocationSensor's Current Address by SteveJG .

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