NmeaMessageListener over Bluetooth GNSS

Hi. I'm trying to make a simple extension to read nmea sentence of gps or gnss.
It work fine if i use internal gps/gnss, but don't work if i connect gnss via bluetooth.
I use ublox f9p (rtk double freq) and Lefebure to send corrections to gnss.
Lefebure use moc location to send correct data to all apps on the phone.
any suggestions
thanks paolo

Is the connection via Bluetooth classic or Bluetooth low energy? How are you reading the GNSS messages over Bluetooth? What happens when it doesn't work? Is there a message? Is the message garbled?

I'm trying to use location informations from ntrip service caled Lefebure. I use it to send corrections to gnss and give back rtk positions. Lefebure share to others app via moc the imformations abaut position.
no informations come in.