"nicety statement"

I am using a book called "Building Android Apps" by Mike McGrath. It is a very useful guide to using various tools though he sometimes doesn't explain things very well. One example appears in a section on generating random numbers. You have to guess a number between 1 and 20 and enter it into a text box. In the book, Mike says, "Add a nicety statement to reset the TextBox to empty after each guess - so the user need not do so manually." But what on earth is a nicety statement?

Another way of saying "add a statement" ....

You will need blocks to reset the textbox to empty after a guess has been completed.

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To clear a textbox's text, in other words, set the textbox's text to an empty text string.

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Thank you. I foolishly thought "nicety" was some sort of computing term. Now that I look it up in the dictionary I see that it isn't! I've amended the program now and it works fine. Thank again, you two and have a nice day!

Thank you! I'm just a beginner really.

I have always recommended Mike's "in easy steps" books introducing programming languages but sadly he has not done a great job on App Inventor. You would be better off using the free Tutorials and Books by the App Inventor MIT team, plus the Tutorials and Guides on the forum and the tons of material posted by the Power Users on their own web sites.

Lots of good tips, tricks, code snippets and links (including MIT tutorials) on my site:

Invaluable detailed guides on TimAI2's website, especially saving and retrieving data from the cloud:

Exchanging data with external devices (microprocessors such as Ardunio, ESP32)
on Juan Antonio's site:

Frequently asked Questions:


Thank you so much for all this information. Although I enjoy using Mike's book, it does lead to a lot of head scratching as vital information is missing or confusing. Reminds me of my old school reports - "could do better!"

"nicety" probably means "user friendly"

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I think you're right - I just didn't realise that when I first saw the word!

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