NFC card read not working (on Samsung A30)


I tried the NearField in App Inventor with so many vaariations, ALL FAILED.
I tried to research and read, but cannot find a solution.

Samsung A30
Android 11

  • is NFC still working?
  • anybody with a sample working blocks?

will appreciate any help.

Are you using the sensor on another screen than Screen1?

i am on screen 1. and yes, i am using sensors . NearField


Why are you setting the message to TextBox4.Text? Message should be set on a Label. According to their documentation, it 'Indicates that a new tag has been detected. Currently this is only a plain text tag, as specified in the manifest.'

i tried, still nothing...

however, the built-in TAG is reading the TAG instead....
this is an Android build-in tag reader

What is in the tag you are trying to read?

its an NFC tag (NTAG215)

when you scan the NFC tag, does it show a pop-up asking you which app you want to use for that action?

no option. phone will read using the built in NFC reader. nothing happen in app inventor

it may only work on older android versions, because it worked on my LG g5 but not my pixel 3

Perhaps your A30 is one of the versions that doesn't have Near Field capabilities.

See samsung a30 does it hav near field - Google Search

A30 has built in Near Field reader. it is reading the card.
but i want my apps to be the one reading the card, not the A30.

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some models don't

i found the problem.

NFC DOES NOT read empty card.

i write on the card using another tool, and NFC READ works perfectly.

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