Next and Back Button for "Virtual" Screen

I'm trying to make a quiz with 8 question and it has a next & back button to go to the next question and/or previous question. Each number of question is in a different Vertical Scroll Arrangment. So there is 8 arrangment that I want to make it visible one by one sequentially (from 1 to 8 and from 8 to 1). I'm having a trouble with the buttons' blocks. In the future I'm planning to make 30 question too

If you have to add a button for each question or answer, you are doing it wrong.

Instead, load your questions and answers from a csv file into a table (list of lists), and reuse the same 4 buttons and extra labels as you go from question to question in the list.

Search this board or the Gallery for "Quiz" for examples.

Thank you so much, I'll learn about that. But what if I wanna put a picture too in each question?

Here is a sample picture based quiz ...

Got_Your_Nose.aia (71.5 KB) Names.csv (113 Bytes) Prompt Selections

Thank you for your help!

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