News: Bold, Italic And Other Text In ListView Possible - With This Tool

I have perhaps news for you all: With the LinkedIn Formatter you can make your ListView texts (and perhaps also your ListPicker texts) bold, italic and so on. I tried it out and in the app on the phone I can see, that the text is bold in ListView. Here is the link of the LinkedIn Formatter:

Go Here To LinkedIn Formatter

Enjoy it!


But how to format a text dynamic?

Dear Kevinkun, Sorry, but I do not know, what you mean with "to format a text dynamic". The LinkedIn tool is one of different possibilities how to format a ListView. For e. g., a friendly user from this forum also recommended a WebViewer with a formatted HTML table, which is on the web and these tables can you format with HTML and CSS however you want. Also with bold, italic, margins, paddings and so on. But I am not sure what you mean with "dynamic formatting". Sorry!

every time you want to show a different text, you need to go to this linkedin website and copy a formated string?

what about about when you want to show other text? especially when running as apk?

We might propose an extension for this?

You could probably do something with this

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Dear all,
but, what about @Anke 's extension ?


Well the MyFonts extension, and the built in font selector could be used to set a bold or italic font, but the entire text for every element (e.g. Main Text or detail text) would get that font. Using unicode it could be possible to just set specific words or phrases. But doing it on the fly / dynamically might be tricky.....


There is no need for an extension; put everything in a JSON ans read it once and for all.

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This give me an idea:
save all letters and its unicide as a dictionary, replace the text with this dictionary when needed.

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Yes, but it can get a bit tedious, especially when you have 50 or so characters and you need to construct so many pairs. I'm afraid that the Blocks editor can't handle this...

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Thanks I literally forget about it that you could read JSON via built-in. That could work

But I think as @TIMAI2 suggested, why not use the existing library using Javascript controls through the web or webviewer?