Newbie work with list

Hello, i want to ask something. I am a newbie here, and I don't know what should I do ):
I want to create apps that connect kids from my city with their next school (Junior/Senior High School). I have to be exact 139 lists from JHS and 100 lists from SHS.
How to create a list (listview with image), search list, and each list i can create description and a button link to website about that JHS/SHS ???

Thank you so much

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Learn about using lists:

General Tutorials


Thanks for the suggestion, i have a question, if there is a simple way to do it with 100+ data? i have it in excel, maybe with csv?

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Yes, probably best to export your excel data to a csv, then import this into your app. Alternatively, upload your excel file to google drive and open in google sheets, then import the data from there.