[NEWBIE] Assigning random sound file to touched sprite!

Hi! I'm only a few projects into my app inventing journey, as you can see, and decided that experimentation with my MoleMash components could make a profound learning experience. I was stumped on one little thing during my noodling, I don't know how to make a random sound play when I hit the mole.
The example in the book I'm using (can't find it ATM, but it's an O'Reilly something or other I checked out at the library) doesn't even call for any sound, it just has a horizontal arrangement with a hit counter label and a miss counter label.
What I'm trying to do is set Sound1's source file to any one of seven .wav audio files I've uploaded (my boys are pre-Kindergarten & 2nd grade and we made a few goofy voice clips & the obligatory fart sounds for when the mole gets mashed), using a random integer from 1 to 7 and an If/Then for each integer. The If/Then/Else option was way too intimidating. How exactly should I go about doing this?

NOTE: I don't need to play a random sound from a button, I know I'll learn that later. This obviously also isn't an emergency, but everyone in the house (except my infinitely patient :kissing_heart: wife) would LOVE for this to work.

How do I make my app play one random uploaded sound when a sprite is touched?


Change the blocks to the event to 'when ImageSprite1. Touched' event.