New way of sharing your code

Hi there,
It had been over a year, I'm working with MIT AI2. It's simplified code editor (Blocks) made it accessible to everyone.
However, from over a week, I'm constantly thinking that there should be a way, I can (kind of) package my blocks in form of an extension or something, so that I could share it with others. Basically, I want to share procedures without the (sometimes huge & ugly) underlying code, so that they can be used right away.
(PS: I know about backpack and .aia files but they still involve copying blocks. I know about extension but like most of the MIT AI2 users, I've never touched Android Studio nor know a bit about Java)

I've even planned about the details of this idea, which I'd share if anyone here is interested.

Right click on the procedure, you'll find a download blocks as PNG option.
Mail/Share those blocks with anyone!

They just have to drag that picture stored on the computer into the workspace.


Wow, I didn't knew this before :exploding_head:

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