New user question, tinyDB to CSV then email

Hi all, I am very new to App Inventor, I have been making my way through the tutorials and have started making my own app to use at work.
I am making a simple app to help me when I am out on site, on the first page I have text boxes to enter several different details, then a submit button which stores the information in tinyDB and takes you to the second page.
On the second page the information is displayed to double check, I want to then press an export button to email it to myself as a csv file so that I can copy and paste the information onto a spreadsheet when I am back at the office.
This is where I am getting a bit stuck, I have read through a lot of other threads and looked at a lot of tutorials but I don't seem to be able to find exactly what I am looking for.
I cant use google sheets as our work computers have restrictions on them and I cant access it from the office, as above I think the best way is to send a csv file to my email from site.
Could someone please point me in the direction of some tutorials / examples for anything similar which may help me?
Thank you

Well Juzzy;
if i am not wrong then your problem is send data from your app to your email.

i will suggest you to use SMTP email extension or you can use activity starter to send mail from user's app.


you can use firebase database this is good and real-time update and you can see your data from any ware and any time.
you can use firebase and store your user data into firebase and then store into your sheet by your self.

is the question about how to create a csv file or about how to send an email?

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


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