New updated list view is not working!

The new updated version of mit app inventor change the listview
The listview selection index is not working! Pleasseee help!

Even the listview selection doesnt work! I hope you can help me with this

list_view.aia (2.1 KB)

I think you are expecting the ListView item to highlight when selected programmatically but this does not happen as viewing is not intended to occur in this way - if the User makes a selection by tapping the Item, then you will see a highlight.

Try this:


list_view_2.aia (2.4 KB)

Edit: Updated to use ListView Refresh Block.

by the way, don't input values in the Designer and then the same again via the Blocks - use one or the other. Personally, I favour using Blocks so I see everything in Blocks view without needing to switch to Designer view.

Note that in the 'Device Default' theme, you might not see the filter bar (I see black text on a black background). The 'Classic' theme works fine.