New release of app to include Android 13 (API level 33) and changing the version

I’m new to this world and I finally got my app on to Google Play in August. Google tell me I have to upload a new release which includes Android 13 (API level 33). Am I right in thinking that this will be integrated in my app uploaded in September? I uploaded my app bundle .aab to the Google play Console yesterday only to be told that

Version code 1 has already been used. Try another version code.

How do I change my version code? Here, or in the Google Play Console? Does anybody have any idea how it’s done?

Much obliged for any help!

If you only published your video in the Play Store shortly before August 31, 2023 (i.e. still with targetSdkVersion = 31, Android 12), then you don't have to do anything (at least as long as you don't want to make an update).

You can find the version code in Screen1 under "Properties" (at the bottom) in the designer:


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Thank you very much for that, Anke.
Just one last question (I hope!): Can I change the version code to 1.1 or does it have to be 2?
Do I have to change the version name (now at 1.0) as well?
Sorry, that's two questions!
I appreciate your help.

Yes it must be > 1 (so 2 or 3 or ...).
The VersionName can be 1.1 (or 1.01 or...).

Great stuff, Anke!
Thank you again!


Much obliged, Anke!