New location permission format "Allow all the time" and "Allow only while using this app"

I run an App that accesses two BLE channels simultaneously and this has been used by MIT App Inventor as an example of how to set up multiple BLE channels at Multiple Bluetooth connection in one screen.

Yesterday I upgraded to Android Version 10 and now recently compiled Apps are failing to work. During installation, they ask for permission to "Allow only while using this app". AIAs at were compiled a few months ago now allow a choice either for "Allow all the time" or "Allow only while using this app". When I choose "Allow all the time" the app works.

How do I write a permission block that offers the choice to "Allow all the time".

Many thanks, Peter

Hi Peter,

For Android 10, you'll need to make sure you're using the latest version of the BLE extension. The older versions of the extension request coarse location permissions but starting with Android 10 apps need to use fine location permissions. This works fine in the companion since it has both permissions, but for compiled apps you won't get the right permissions with the older extension.

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Hi Ewan,

Many thanks that solved the problem though I haven't had a chance to test it thoroughly as I had to also upgrade the extension FileTools and in the process lost the default App Icon following a crash because I tried to upgrade FileTools rather than delete and replace it. Is the App Icon deliberately deleted if I use an unsupported extension? I can solve the issue by uploading my own Icon but am a little uneasy about the loss of a default following a crash as it implies I may have damaged other metadata.

Much appreciated, Peter

I can confirm now that the BLE is working perfectly and so are File, FileTools and EFile.- Thanks again.

Extensions can't interact with anything in the designer. I'm not sure why your AppIcon would have disappeared, but if you want to share your project we could take a look and see if we can work out what happened to it.

Thanks for the offer but it's no longer an issue. A quick fix was to export the aia file, delete it from My Projects and then import it. I think it has something to do with metadata as at one stage I got a transient message saying the project was fine and the metadata had a problem.

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