New 'Loading' continuous messages

Since yesterday I continue to notice messages like the one attached to practically every development operation I do. It's regular? Has any update been made for this?

Internet connection problem?
Have you opened your project? All projects have same problem?

Browser choice?

Google Chrome

I check and let you know.

YES with Loading but also Saving and other messages. Before i did'nt notice that.

Several things can slow your AI2 connection down:

  • Some one else hogging your bandwidth watching videos online
  • Browser extensions
  • Anti-virus web traffic cleansers
  • overgrown projects

Try Firefox, and tell us if it faster.

I used FireFox. Is faster specially in moving between blocks. The messages flashing are still there but is less frequent. No one the bandwidth.

These messages have always been there, but they do appear to be more obvious in this release.

Ah....OK...Thats all. TY