New Line in Text Message


Hi .. absolute beginner here.

I'm following an Udemy Introduction To MIT App Inventor 2 short course.

The example (see png) in this course requires a carriage return/Newline to split text in an item in a menu list.

It stipulates to print a text: "\n" in-between .. however, this does not work.

Any suggestions

I'm working on an iPad !!

Works on android, blocks are ok too. So that's a problem with the IOS version. The iOS is in the testing phase, so errors are possible. It is also possible that someone has already noticed this error in front of you and is in the repair phase.

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Thanks for your reply.

Can you help ... How do I confirm this is a possible bug and/or already reported.

How/who do I contact (project team ?) in order to find out the status of this ?


I assigned this topic to a responsible person, from the MIT development team. Have to wait.

So if I understand correctly, the issue is that you are attempting to put multiple lines into a single element in a ListView? I'll have to look into that as I'm not aware of any of our tutorials that would rely on such a behavior. It wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't covered by the iOS implementation.

So after some testing, what I think is happening is that the newline is being honored, but the table cell is not accounting for the fact that it is multiple lines, so the element in the list appears fixed to a single line.

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I've managed to come up with a fix, so it should go into iOS version 2.60.1.