New idea toward helping kids innovate and convert their imagination into real world through open source and robotics building


New idea toward helping kids innovate and convert their imagination into the real world through open source and robotics building through using MIT APP inventor. Wow!

Could you imagine that your kid can convert his/her imagination into the real world?

Could you imagine that your kids can build origami robotic Toys through MIT app inventor and origami?

Could you imagine that you kids can Rebuild and innovate their toys with other kids around the world?

Have you ever been asked a question from your children about how to make electronic dolls and did not know the answer?

Interested in learning and playing with your children through the shapes that your children love and imagine?

Have you ever looked for educational bags that combine art, design and technology for your children to develop their creative and technical skills?

Have you ever heard of an educational curriculum called Stream?

Have you ever thought about the decision or dream of your children that he/she dreams to be in the future?

Have you ever thought about the motor, thinking and design abilities of a child, or whether there are tools that combine this field and teach it to your child by building purposeful projects?

I think that millions of parents ask these questions over and over to find the best opportunities and skills for their children in the future.

Have you seen such an educational doll before? Did you know that your son can build something like it? Many children are now competing with their creativity and way of thinking to form creative shapes like these or like the famous cartoon movie characters.

I think you are asking how?!

your kid can try building their first robotics toy through using 3d origami art. Let's start with Angry Birds. If you love the concept and idea, please share our facebook page and contact us through it to share with you more information and shapes or projects that help your children to build more.

you can find the app with MIT app inventor by this link.

you can request the step by step building of the shape used in this project by filling the form or reaching out through facebook page.

Electrogami is an educational and robotics startup that is work on developing entertainment and educational robotics tool kits and curriculum that help young children to innovate their robots with innovation concept , and teach them by concept learning by doing.
After their working with students for over 3 years, we have found that the children have high
potentials of innovation, high interests in robotics, high interests in blending learning. We
did our research and found that children need to overcome their boundaries to innovate.
We did a simple educational electronics kit in which students will enjoy the educational
process while learning more about programming ,electronics and building robots.. We
feature two levels of tool kits a starter kit and a creator kit. the starter kit is for the age
of 9 to 14, the creator kit is for the age of 14 and above. The tool kit contain electronic
parts, Origami art papers, and online teaching videos to teach children how to build,
program electronics, learn Origami, and build a mobile application to control the
movement of the robot. The building process is simple while using low cost tools. We
managed to combine such tools to help students acquire knowledge on the bases of
STREAM program with the lowest possible cost. The online platform helps reach children
globally and connect students with same passion towards robotics.
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I'm reclassifying this into the App Showcase category since it doesn't appear to be relevant to our discussions on open source development of App Inventor.

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Ewpatton thanks for your replay. I am developing an educational methodology to teach kids STREAM approach using MIT app and robotics with art. Prof. Hal told me to put like this showcase and one of story. I am trying to see how could MIT app community interact with this idea. many thanks again and I would love to hear your feedback about the idea. also I suggest to put new categories called new ideas or innovation.