New Google Play Guidelines Is It Still Allowed To Have A Rate App Link

Hello, Is it still allowed to integrate a link with the text "Rate this app"?
Google updated the guidelines. Here is the update of this part:
We’re updating our to state that we don’t allow apps to incentivize users to install other apps as the app’s main functionality or to incentivize users to rate or review apps.
I do not post the whole email because in this editor I have to delete many code from Google HTML mail and this is too much work. Every developer will receive this mail from Google. Could someone please know an answer to my question? Thanks.

I think the intention is to prevent apps that encourage people to rate other apps and otherwise game the app review system. I expect it's still allowed to ask users to rate your own app on the store. You may want to reach out to Google to clarify.

Thank you, Mr. Patton.

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