New extensions directory! ๐ŸŽ‰

Hello Community๐ŸŽ‰
I have just developed a new web page where there are more than 1000 extensions listed.
The algorithm has been developed so that it can extract the different topics where there are extensions from the community.
I encourage you to try it out so that you can find extensions that meet your needs.
Thank you very much, I hope you like it!


Please check the Community Terms of Service on Acceptable Use

Also, why re-invent the wheel. There is an Extensions Category on each of the communities you mention, which is also searchable, plus there is always Puravidaapps.

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the advantage of this is that it combines different communities, it is similar to puravidaapps.

Does not appear to be returning "All" the extensions either, perhaps change the title to "Some Extensions Links" ?


My algorithm, in principle, searches the communities in the extensions category and chooses those with an .aix file. There may be some that it misses.

many, many....

Ok, I'll change it, I didn't think it could be interpreted as cheating. Anyway, just because it is similar to puravida, doesn't mean that I copied it, and in principle there is no problem in doing so, is there?

I have already changed the name...lest it be interpreted as a scam...thank you very much for the suggestion :grin:.

Another thing...could you tell me which ones are missing please? so I can add them manually!
thank you very much

Normally, they are not listed (the aix files) on the communities for a reason, and developers would probably want to keep it that way :wink:

Have you read the Acceptable use section of the Terms of Service yet ?

Also, @Taifun's extension directory has all communities AIX anyway!

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I have just seen it:

You may not automate access to the forum, or monitor the forum, such as with a web crawler, browser plug-in or add-on, or other computer program that is not a web browser.
As you have the public information and the only purpose is to group this public purpose and redirect to your page, it is understood that it is a search engine and therefore I comply with this:
You may crawl the forum to index it for a publicly available search engine, if you run one.

I know. It's just another search engine, with the extensions with aix. I don't see the downside, since it's for the benefit of the community.

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And also those extensions that were never officially published, since @Taifun reads practically all post in all forums and has been doing so for years / decades.

Nobody can keep up with that.


But I don't see most extensions from our community.

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taifun has an incredible system! mine is just another one, a simpler one. In the end it's just another project like for example

No it isn't, developers have to post their extensions on getaix.

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But it is another directory / search engine.

Add a search bar as well instead of "Find" function, and also it is Ctr + F, not G.

Yes, I will do

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