New Artificial intelligence app. Google Gemini API maybe?

I might be taking it too far with Artificial Intelligence. But, I just learned that I can use the Google Gemini API key. :+1:
Previously, I created a new ChatGPT app that worked until the model became depracated.

Now, I have ideas for building a new Artificial intelligence app, an app that might be revolutionary.

Is anyone interested in working with the Google Gemini API?

You guys are so prestigious, you're probably way ahead of me here.

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In the ChatBot component, you can change the provider from chatgpt to gemini to use Google Gemini.

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Mr ewpatton,
I truly appreciate you letting me know about the Chatbot component. :+1:

 I pasted my API key. But, do I need to use any specific Model, or System?

Actually, I just asked Google Gemini about it and it said : The screenshot indicates you are using the "Gemini" provider. In this case, you do not need to specify a model or system. The "Model" and "System" fields are typically used for other AI providers. You should now be able to utilize the chatbot functionality with your API key.

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