New App Inventor Gallery

I have tried to enroll in the new Gallery using my Google ID just as I have in the app development window. I have about 10 apps already in the old Gallery. When I clicked in the "your apps" link it comes up blank the new Gallery.

Yet when I do a search for either the name I use as a signature for my apps, "dantastic," or for my gmail name shown in the account, the apps are there!

How do I move them to show under the "your apps" link? How do the "Studios" work? I can't find any documentation.


This is the documentation MIT has provided so far
Gallery Introduction

It may help.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for responding!

Your reference helps a bit. But there's still the same problem. No matter what I do, my existing apps, loaded to the old gallery are listed under a search in the new version, but they are not available to me for editing, etc. under the "Your Apps" link. In both instances, I have signed in using my Google address to both the development and the gallery so they should be linked. Will I need to upload all apps again under the "new" system to attribute them to me? Is there anyone I can contact to explain the problem?

I realize it's early on in the switch-over and should probably be a bit patient. But I have a newly completed that I'd like to submit but am reluctant until the process is normalized.


There was a window of time between about 10pm last night and Noon today that if you had an old account the system didn't recognize that and created a new account for you. I've fixed the root cause and am now in the process of cleaning up the mess.

Hopefully, when I am done, you will have all of your projects associated with your (now one) account.

Dan: You should have all of your Gallery projects back!


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