New Alexa tutorials don't save project

I tried the Hello World and Calculator tutorials. Refreshing the screen, or even saving the project with a different name erases the contents of the project and you have to start over.

Both of my projects are now empty, even though I built the entire project according to the tutorials.

What tutorials Karen? Where are links to these tutorials so someone can provide advice?

This is not normal behavior of the App Inventor 2 compiler.

Are these the tutorials?

apparently you need an Amazon account. App Inventor Setup Tutorial . Do you ? and you need the Amazon toy.

@karlang Are you using the URL, or another?

Yes, the URL.

I used the links provided to the sidebar tutorials:
Now you can explore Conversational AI with MIT App Inventor's Alexa interface. For introductory tutorials check these out.

Alexa Hello World:

Alexa Calculator:

Alexa Number Guessing Game:

Thanks for confirming. I'm taking a look now.

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@karlang When you re-open the project, can you confirm that you don't see the skill in the dropdown menu underneath Screen1? If you don't see your skill there, can I have your permission to access your account for further testing?

OK, my bad! I was looking at Screen1 and forgot (didn't realize) I had to open the Skill to see my code. Thanks for checking it out and realizing my error. Maybe add a note to the tutorial so when people return, they realize they have to re-open the skill. :grin:

@karlang Thanks for letting us know that was it. There is a pending change that we're working on that will restore the last opened editor when opening a project, so it should minimize this confusion in the future once released. I'm also tempted to backport it to regular App Inventor as well but that's a different challenge for a different day.

Hello everyone, it's great news that Skills can be made through appinventor, but it seems that it's still in English, right? Since these skills in Alexa seem to us to be a language: English, I don't know if there is any way to change (Voice) to Spanish. Although I am an advocate of children programming in English, in this case, the alexa device had to run in the native language. It is wonderful what the appinventor community is contributing to the initiation and learning of programming in children, thank you very much to all.

Allowing MIT App Inventor Alexa to work with different languages is definitely a direction we are considering, thanks for the feedback!