Need to split the item selected from list and display in different text boxes

Hello Guys ,
Can you help me with this,
Here is the relevant photo for what I need.

After the user select the item which includes name ,gender,and phone number...
I need to display the name to its text box as well the phone number to its textbox as shown above,then i leave the gender text without being displayed....Your help please.

Utilisez la fonction "diviser aux espaces"
Diviser_aux_espaces.jpeg et sélectionnez les indexs 1,2 et 4 (utilisez le bloc "joint" pour joindre l'index 1 et l'index 2)


Sorry Nico can't understand English please..

use the split at spaces block from the text drawer
then use select list item blocks to select the different items from the list

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Can i have sample blocks please .Taifun

If you have the elements separated by other separator different than space you can use "split" block.

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thank Ramon you let me try it...

How would that work for John Quincy Adams?

Or for a famous entertainer with a single word name?

Am sorry ABG can't understand you.

Ramon i tried it but this is what comes.

@ABG is telling to you that if the name has spaces, the "split at spaces" will not work, because the number of elements doesn't meet... If name is "John Quincy Adams" the third element of the list would not be the phone, but "Adams".

You can solve this, reversing the list and, if phone and gender has not spaces, you can take the fisrt one (phone) and from the third to the end like the "name.

What I shared was only an have to replace "together" list by you own collected data (name, gender and phone) in your app.

Now, you know how it works, right?

ok i get you.

thank you Ramon ,my problem is then solved.