Need to share my project

hello everyone!
I am total beginner i made my project and now i need to share it with my teacher, i watched video about sharing link which belongs to my project but nothing happened. I decide ask help here. thank you

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Hi @Lisa_55 you can do a simple way by exporting the Aia file :wink:

How to export aia file :
Screenshot 2021-10-19 082316

After you have successfully exported the aia file you can send the file to your teacher and your teacher will import the file you sent.

How to import aia file :
Screenshot 2021-10-19 083451



Please don't forget to include a supporting document explaining your project what components you have used and how your project work , including project design screens and flow of your code. These things will help to understand your project and your teacher for evolution.



If you don't mind,

This is the video of my teacher explaining how to submit your App Inventor project in Google Classroom.


Can you post your video about it here? Probably it is about getting a shareable link by posting it in the Gallery. Posting your project to the Gallery is like publishing your app onto a play store, but users can remix and edit the project if they copied it.


Since I'm assuming your only intention is to share it with your teacher, the best way would be to upload a .aia file and sharing it through Google Classroom/[Insert Generic Mail Service Here].

Also, I'm intrigued about the "sharing link;" I've never heard of something of that sort. Could you please link the video to here?

thank you its work. from first i worked on Mac and its make zip, its make all problem . bur from windows every thing perfect. thanks for help

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thank you this video helpful

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