Need to save the name when going back from secondary screens to primary screen

I am developing an app using MIT app inventor where I am getting name from the user in the main screen and greeting the user with Hello followed by their name. When i click a button on the main screen to go to screen 1,2,3 and 4 and come back to the main screen i want the greeting message to be saved along with name provided by user. I saved the name in tinydb and getting that name value from tinydb This is working when i go from main to screen 1 and back to main screen. But not when i go from screen 2,3 and 4 back to main screen.

Is there a way t preserve the name on main screen no matter which screen user goes to and comes back to main screen? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you are using correctly tinyDB what you store there is available for all the screens...regardless of which screen you go to.

Can you share your relevant blocks?

Look for the When Other Screen Closed event block.

Like Screen.Initialize, it is a good place to refresh your Labels from TinyDB.