Need timer for ping pong game

I am currently making a ping pong game I want to create a timer for 20 seconds

Look in the Sensors drawer for a Clock.

  1. Go to Sensors > Clock. Drag out a Clock component.

  2. Set the Properties of the clock to this. We make it time 20000/1000 = 20 seconds, and we disable the clock first.


  1. After you have set the properties:

    • If you want to enable/disable the timer, use this.


    • When the timer has counted 20 seconds, this event is used. You might want to disable the timer here.


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Thank you so much I did not know it was multiples of 1000

How do I make the text box display the timer?

Since the timer only times 20 seconds, you would need another Clock with its TimerInterval as 1000 (1000/1000 = 1 second).

Clock1 has its TimerInterval as 20000, while Clock2 has its TimerInterval as 1000.

Properties for the Clocks:

image image


PingPong.aia (2.8 KB)

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