Need some pointers on a leaderboard

OK - we got our Purple Pizza Eater game going and now we have some users. So now we want to create a leaderboard so that people anywhere (we even have testers in India) who get a high score can enter their usernames and scores and they will go into a database that will automatically rank them by score and show their username and score along with the top 5 users and scores.

I have just started experimenting with TinyWebDB but I dont see how to associate usernames with scores and automatically order that list. Any pointers?

I would be good to use CloudDB or Firebase

ok, but how would you do automated list ordering of paired objects?

There is a plethora of advice about how to use a leaderboard with various database options See . Pick one. :slight_smile: for ideas.

Exactly what you need to do depends on your existing code. You have not shared that with the community so look through the links; there is probably something appropriate for your Project.

OK, thanks - I tried a bunch of other searches but not leaderboard

Also see

Hey great - this should get me going - thanks

For firebase: