Need help with the program


I have a question about programming. Maybe it's very simple but I'm new and I still don't understand much.

Basically, I want text to appear below it when I click on it. The thing is that I have a total of 5 buttons and each one has text independent of the other.

Can someone tell me more or less how to do it or show me a guide?

I don't quite understand what you want...maybe if you show your relevant blocks and explain in more detail

Basically I want that when you click on one of these buttons a text appears below them either in a label or text box

Set the label where you want to display the text. Unset the Visible property of the label to "hide" it and, in button.Click event set label.visible=true.

You need a label below each button.
When you click the button, set your text to the label (or make the label containing the text visible).

Not sure playing with visibility is good. Depends on the build. Can move the buttons up and down.Better play with colours I guess.

Really thanks and another question.
How can I make a side scroll bar?

Explain the functionality you are expecting...

Something like that

If you want to play with label visibility, I would put them in arrangements. That way the buttons keep their distances to each other.

How can I make a side scroll bar?

To scroll what?

My idea is that when you click the button the label appears with a lot of informative text on a topic. And this one is very long and it won't fit on the screen if I don't set the font size to 8

you can place the label inside of a VerticalScrollArrangement or set Scrollable the screen.

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Ok thanks. Now I will try