Need help with the National Park tutorial

Dear Sir, @SteveJG

I'm still a beginner in MIT App Inventor and now I would like to create a project similar to your project , the National Park, just that it is going to find and navigate to the clinic around the user. However, I've tried to understand the codes by breaking down the functions and learning them from the available online tutorials but some of the codes still can't be digested for me.

I was wondering if you could guide me a bit on this?

Best regards.

Hello Lim. I am glad you found the National Park tutorial useful. :slight_smile:

I changed your topic to reflect how the community works. Anyone can help you with questions about the National Park Tutorial (Markers) updated. They can also provide suggestions about how you can build your project if you tell us a little more about your Project's goals. Ask a specific question here and someone will provide advice.

The tutorial only shows how to determine an locate the Park nearest the user using straight line distance. It does not show a driving route. Use the Navigate control to get driving directions . HOW TO: Use the Navigate control

Here are links to some different methods to find the nearest pharmacy (etc.) you might find useful:

This is a list of community discussions regarding the National Park tutorial that you might find useful. Your questions may already have been discussed.

Ask a specific question and you will get advice from the community :slight_smile:

Alright, sir. I'll look into the above links you provided first. Thank u so much for the reply.